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A comical and derogatory name for a small community perceived as remote and backward. The term is often used in an ironic sense applying exaggerations to humorously overstate the significance of the community.

The term was popularized by the American television program "The Beverly Hillbillies".
Welcome to Greater Bug Tussle, the world leader in the production of cow dung!
by MC in TX June 18, 2016
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A mocking reference to someone who unnecessarily states facts that are obvious or otherwise already known. It is intended as a spurious comparison of the individual to a superhero (e.g. Captain America) treating the individual's grasp of the obvious as though it were something impressive rather than common and ordinary.
Bob: Don't eat too much or you will make yourself sick.
Alice: Thanks, Captain Obvious.
by MC in TX May 10, 2015
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