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A knife one would carry every day.
Person 1: Dude, I dont have any cash for the boritos.

Person 2: No biggie, the clerk looks like a pussy. Here is my mexican credit card.
by MBisaBP1 January 02, 2006

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The Ghosty is the act of pushing a bicycle firmly so that it will free-wheel out into a busy street and disrupt traffic.
Look at that bike go
by MBisaBP1 June 06, 2005

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A variation on the classic titty twister. This requires two hands, the nipple is pinched between fore finger and thumb while extra pressure is added with other thumb and fore finger. While pinching move in any way possible vigorously while twisting.
That bitch just gave me a tornado, I am going to cold cock that bitch.
by MBisaBP1 May 28, 2005

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