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It is the popular spot to call people out to fight in order to resolve difference. The kicker in the situation is that there is not going to be an actual fight. While the "called out (callee)" party shows up expecting a fight, the "call out (caller)" party hops in the car and begins a jousting competition. There is a chase, followed up by some jousting. It's a hoot.
What did you say about my body fat percentage bitch? Bitch, Circuit City 2AM... BITCH.
by M K February 14, 2005

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Too close or narrow for passage.
Any moron who says something is "tight", should use the cool words, like cool.
by M K September 23, 2003

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keep away
when u go away, keep away. I never wanna see you again.
by M K September 14, 2003

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