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Won, or should I say, earned an award as the top selling female artist of all time, puts on a SUPER fabulous show in Las Vegas, and is one of the most caring and genuine people in show Business. Also a very devoted singer, wife and mother, to wrap it up, the best singer/performer in the world!
Look, there goes the best singer in the world, celine dion!

So Tiff, what should we do tonight while we are in Las Vegas? I know! Lets go see Celine's fabulous Show! Tiff: Sounds good to me! Lets go!
by Lynn with an E July 27, 2005

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When something is extremely valuable, or in fact not valuable at all, except for in the eye of the beholder.
Bob: So why doesn't Jeff just haul off all of those junky old cars? Dennis: Because he thinks they're all SUPERvaluable!!!
by Lynn with an E July 27, 2005

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being from a place that is just wrong, nasty, scuzzy, worst part of town possible.
Tiff: Jen, why are you dressed all Barview-like?
by Lynn with an E July 28, 2005

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