2 definitions by Luvnheartbeat

A male who is never afraid to give up. He is strong and fights for what he loves. Elijah is a loyal friend. When he holds you in his arms you never want him to let go. Elijah makes you feel beautiful about yourself <3
"Thanks for the blanket"..... "That's an Elijah
by Luvnheartbeat February 14, 2011
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A guy who is sweet and sensitive. He listens when you need a shoulder to cry on and who actually cares what you have to say. He always wonders what is wrong and worries about you. No words can really describe him. He is amazing and beautiful on the inside. He makes you feel as if you are actually wanted. Wyatt is just amazing. And I love him, for him, his sweetness, and for how artistic he tries to be ha ha ha.
by Luvnheartbeat May 28, 2011
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