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A model sold by Ford Motor Company in North America under the Merkur nameplate. The car was made by putting a 2.3 Liter turbocharged engine into a European Ford Sierra XR4i.The car is easily recognizable by it's stock bi-plane rear wing.
Mechanic: What's the make and model?
Owner: Merkur XR4Ti.
Mechanic: I'm sorry, we don't have parts for it.
Owner: But, it has the same engine as a Turbo Thunderbird.
Mechanic: Rrrriiiiight.
by Lupin_IV January 19, 2007
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1. In sports when a referee makes a bad call.
2. The resulting chant of such a call at a hockey game.
Referee: High-sticking; 2 minute penalty.
Irate fan: Bullshit call!
by Lupin_IV September 10, 2007
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