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Commonly used saying when a friend asks you to help them with something while consuming a beer.
Dude, come out side and smoke one with me.

- Maybe next beer bro.
Lets go munch.

- Dude maybe next beer.
I would love to boink that girl.

- Maybe next beer you'll have a chance
by Lunkmaster March 10, 2010
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Definition- Drinking large amounts of beer with your bros.
We were over at this bitches house slaying brew.
Dude I have an 18 left over from last night... We should slay it.
by Lunkmaster March 10, 2010
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Slang for getting super stoned.
Another term for any super lazy stoners.
Yo dude that nug got me so sloth.
Dude Peacock is so sloth right now.
I always comes to school so slothed I hope my teachers don"t catch on.
That guy is such a sloth lets go meet him.
Dude this weed gets you so sloth.
by lunkmaster April 29, 2010
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