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The act of expressing oneself as being a complete idiot because you are seeking for the word sssssssymbolism but you are too much of a fucking idiot to know that.
"So what's the symbology of that."
"I believe the word you are looking for is ssssssymbolism."
by Luke Short February 07, 2005
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The act of making hot monkey sex when you can't find anything else to do.
Yonky jas, be back in a couple hours.

This snow puts me in the mood for a little yonky jas.
by Luke Short January 29, 2005
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This is a mix between barely and rarely. It means that you barely do anything rarely...in bed. So pretty much it means you are a wild ass and that you give your lady lots of yonky jas.
Man, I was all kinds of brarely last night with your mom...and your sister...at the same time...twice.
by Luke Short March 18, 2005
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An object or person that is too amazing to be sassed.
Wow, that was some sastastic steak.

Oh baby, give me some of your sastastic lovin'!
by Luke Short January 29, 2005
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