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Peer Pressure describes a situation when a person tries to get someone else to do something, usually against that other's better judgement. Like this:

"Hey Lucy, will you have sex/smoke cigarettes/drink alcohol/torture this gerbil with me?"

"Well, I'm not sure..."

"Everyone else is doing it."

>SIGHS<"Oh, ok."
by LucyVee April 7, 2006
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Used when someone states the bloody obvious, taken from playwright Alan Bennett's Talking Head "HER BIG CHANCE", the story of a vaccuous actress who employs this phrase constantly when trying to seduce the director of a porn film, the aforementioned Simon.
He said: "When you go to school, you learn stuff." She said, "That's interesting Simon!"
by LucyVee April 8, 2006
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An exchange expressing gratitude between two people who are close to each other in the UK, usually the South West, in a fake American South Accent.

"Would you like a cup of tea?"

"Why thank you, hedgehog."
When I offered him a cup of tea, he said, "Why thank you hedgehog"!"
by LucyVee April 8, 2006
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