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someone who eats way more than their share, usually when they are eating a community food source

Often a skinny ass athlete who puts it away without thought
Alexa: ...Tammy happened.
Sarita: Where does she put it all?!
Alexa: She's a Consumer-- she takes in everything in her path.
Sarita: Next time we're hiding the chex mix from her!!
by LuckyWaters January 20, 2011

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a type of achievement awarded by the public after a cool/fresh/fly act or state of being
Sally buys fabulous new shoes
Devin: 20 snazz points
Sally: I know aren't they soo hip?
Devin: ....Minus 15 snazz points for that comment
by LuckyWaters January 09, 2011

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the asian way of saying the english greeting "hello."

Used often by chinese food delivers for endless amusement of american consumers.
Woman in bed: Good morning!
Asian lover: herro
Woman: Ohhh nooo asian!

^^This is not racist at all.
by LuckyWaters January 09, 2011

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