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1) Adjective; something that is of a Flatulent Nature. Odor emitting.
2) Nimrodical use/tense of the word "Flatulence".
Christy embrangled her co-workers with her Flatutory prowess.
by Lucky Skunk January 06, 2005
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spelling variation of the term fagotry.
Waz is legendary for his fag0try.
by Lucky Skunk March 28, 2005
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1) A Pixie, with lots of attitude, who occasionally wears a Cowboy Hat. This term was originally coined by a luscious Pixie in Nashville,TN when her Cowboy BF gave her a Cowboy hat as a gift.
"The Cowboy and his Cow-Pixie rode off into the sunset. (To Coco's for dinner)"
by Lucky Skunk July 28, 2005
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