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Upon anal penetration, clutch your partner's hair and whisper into his or her ear, "your sister f*!#* better than you!" and hold on for 8 seconds.
After giving her the cowboy maneuver, the relationship was down hill from there. But a strawberry shortcake won her back.
by Michael O' Neal May 29, 2006
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The cowboy is for any one living out west. This is where a full chew spitter is poured onto the penis to be used as anal or vaginal lubrication. And if the girl is a chewer her self, you can just get dome while she has a fatty in. This works just as well.
dude, when I was at that old west bar downtown sine girl asked if I was down for the cowboy. And I said hell yeah.
by cfrau15 February 06, 2008
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β€œWhen one is in the club dancing as if they are on a horse, swinging a lasso and they spot an attractive female. One is to β€œlasso” such female and reel her in. As she approaches, one is to grab her and body slam her to the ground and β€œhogtie” her. As she will be unconscious, one is to throw her over one’s shoulder, mount their horse and ride their way into the bathroom.”
β€œAlex: I saw you in the club cowboying it up last night!
Ben: Gotta do the cowboy right, you know?”

β€œSharkey: Are you okay, man?
Prak: Naw, someone did the cowboy to me a little too hard last night”
by Bid dick michale November 29, 2017
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