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As an entire expression, this functions as an adverb. Sometimes "just" is added to the beginning to complete the expression.

1) For no reason, serving no higher meaning.

2) For pain.

3) "pushing the limits"; Testing God; solely for the purpose of sinning.
1) Even when I'm not tired, sometimes I sleep just for the hell of it.

2) I see her hurting herself often, and I wonder if she's doing it for the hell of it.

3) He sleeps with a different man's wife every night just for the hell of it.
by LuSt iN a CaN June 1, 2005
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Later tonight I think I'll pull Sharon back and cut some rug.
by LuSt iN a CaN June 22, 2006
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A government security classification of information. Short for "No Foreign National". This classification means than only native born Americans are authorized to see the NOFORN material, however access to the information is usually restricted to military personnel. In relative terms, it is less strict than "classified" or "top secret".
That page in your notes is NOFORN, don't let it leave the building.
by LuSt iN a CaN January 20, 2005
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