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Fo(Fo) sho(Shizzle) ma(mah) nigga(nizzle)
and to the white man that means
For(fo) Sure(shizzle) my(mah) African American (Nizzle)
Old Lady: fo shizzle ma nizzle
Snoop: for your information Nizzle does not mean neighbor
by luda June 05, 2004

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A penis which is small. Generally held by those less gifted, not just white people. Medical facts have given explanations for that urban myth and have proven it wrong.
Damn son, you're hung like a field mouse!
by LuDa May 22, 2003

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Half African
someone who has 1 white parent and 1 african parent
i am Hafrican
by luda October 12, 2003

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If your alone and with your sister in the basement,get drunk, alone and then talk online and type all wrong and have everyone print out the conversation, and talk about it the next day at school.
I didn't know what to do so I turned on some LUDA and got hammered in my basement alone... again!
by LUDA February 17, 2005

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Gr's first and only bacon clan
BCN means BaCoN
by luda May 27, 2004

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someone who jacks off
jim is a master debator
by Luda March 14, 2003

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to go crazy
u stole my car and now im gonna act a fool
by luda May 19, 2003

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