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The man who Plods endlessly onward, with no basic aim or principle.
His only real motivation and interest is food, and the possibility of knocking something/someone smaller than himself over.
"Hey Plodman, watch the beef!"
"Plodman, stop walking into things and destroying them"
by Loz Cook September 04, 2005
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When a piece of cheese is cut, there is usually a piece significantly larger than the rest, this is the Cridwozzle.
Son to dad: 'Dad! Give me the cridwozzle for once'
Dad to son: 'Son, i'm the man of the house, only i get the cridwozzle'
by Loz Cook July 10, 2006
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A crisp, sweet cider with a sharp aftertaste. Very high in alcohol content, some may even say potent at 8.4%.
Often chugged by the chaps, an often essential sidekick to any night out in the trendy/hipster infested city of Lichfield.
Usually found in 500/440ml cans, the latter of which won't get you as chugged. Obviously.
Warning: Do not exceed 4 in one night unless you enjoy broken ribs.
A common conversation about Ks:
Dave Punk Rock "eyyy err, can you get us some Ks Chaddy?"
Chaddy "I don't think that's wise dave, you'll get K'd again..."

A common conversation after having consumed Ks:
Chaddy "LOL, let's take this large electronic kitchen furniture to a party!"
Dave Punk Rock "Eyyy errr, just let me errr spin my errr good old willy around first ehhhhhh LOL"
by Loz Cook April 12, 2009
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Essentially a bicycle which has fallen apart and is no longer rideable, but due to desparation it is used regardless. Original meltdown was manned by Plodman.
To qualify a bike as meltdown-esque, it must have at least 3 of the following:
- Brake cables snapped/no break mechanism
- No ability to shift gears
- A wheel so buckled you could classify it as voluptuous
- A warped and bent frame that is hardly able to support to weight of the rider
- The name of the rider scrawled upon the frame in permanent marker

Random chugger: "Hey Mox, did Plodman ride the meltdown tonight?"
Mox: "He tried, but he lost it's handlebars on a chugquest home last night. Let's get some chicks."
by Loz Cook April 12, 2009
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Some gimpy "rock" singer who looks like a fetus in drag.
Has many fans purely because the majority of people on this planet fail to comprehend what real music is, and what goes into making it.
David Bowie is both a terrible guitarist, and his voice is vile.
If you want some real music, check out Gamma ray or Vio-lence.
"David Bowie sucks because he can't sing"
by Loz Cook November 05, 2005
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