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Generally an otherwise aimable person whom will act severely if provoked.
Kim's not a bitch, she's just a venomous person. She'll go miles for a friend just don't try her.
by Loupcastille May 21, 2017
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(Noun; Autoantonym, Contranym, or Janus word)
Meanings can be positive or negative depending on context, intonation and exclamation.
1. (Literally) An unkept, untidy, and clumsy female or person. See; Slut, Hot Mess, and wretched.

2. (Contranym) A fierce woman or person who is well composed, cunning, resilient, strong, independent, punctual, goal oriented and stunning.
1, have you seen Deborah? She was supposed to clock in at 3pm. Ugh, what a sloppy bitch!
2, Damn Barbara! You got 17 Aces in a row?! You're a real sloppy bitch!
by Loupcastille September 14, 2017
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Depending on intonation; referring to the third wheel, or the more the merrier!.


meaning to include; you, me, and the person and or people I, you, and or the situation are bound/obligated to, and or whom ever may be so inclined to participate either of free will or by circumstance.
Aaron: Dude please come to my mother's house this weekend, I don't want to go alone, I've asked my girlfriend, Ruben and you.

Me: eh why not, maybe I'll cook breakfast and we can go sledding.

You me and Dupree.

Aaron: yeah! Good idea!


Jae: Dude wtf, I thought it was just supposed to be us two in this bed.

Aaron: yeah my bad, My dog likes sleeping with me.

Jae: great I have to share a bed with you, me, and Dupree
by Loupcastille January 4, 2018
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