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Something kids & teens say when there is an opportunity or situation to do something terrifying. Often used when trying to sound grown up.
Parent: Are you sure you want to try this broccoli?
Kid: PUH-LEASE! Last night I had spinach.
by Louise_East November 23, 2011
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An acronym that once meant "Laugh Out Loud,"/"Laughing Out Loud." It has been overused and the meaning has come to be "Well this is awkward," or "I just said something mean, I hope 3 letters will make it sound less harsh." Often typed "Lol" or "lol." Rarely used in all capitals.

Not to be confused with "Lots Of Love."

Pronunciation: "L-O-L" or "Lawl."
(1) I hate your guts! Lol.

(2) Guy A: so...
Guy B: yea
Guy A: lol
by Louise_East November 24, 2011
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A girl that leads. She stays the same, through thick and thin. She has many sides. She'll only unveil them in certain situations. Only her closest friends know every layer she contains.

And she's really pretty, too.
Guy 1: We got a Kiara here.
Guy 2: I don't know what to expect.
Guy 3: Puh-lease. I've known her for years.
by Louise_East November 23, 2011
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