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A vain yet hilarious man portrayed by Noel Fielding on the BBC TV show The Mighty Boosh. Most famous for his hairstyle and boots but also for his humour and the fact every indie girl who reads NME fanices the pants off him.
That girl looks like Vince Noir with that trendy mullet.

It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.
by Lott August 06, 2006
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Someone from Britian. Comes from the fact that British sailors would suck limes to prevent Scurvey.

Though in response to AimiaC the philistinic yank who wrote a definintion of limey before, really, you must learn to spell British before you insult them. Why do you call public toilets a bathroom when there is no bath in it? Clearly you have never been to the nicer ends of Newcastle or Liverpool where you're more likely to have a pipe shoved up your arse than speak like there's one up there. Bizzaire that the most popular food in the UK is curry when our tastes are so bland.

I'm not patriotic, I just dislike someone who sounds like they never moved out of their mothers insulting a country which is clearly better than theirs.
Typical limey : Gosh, look at that Yank over their, pass the smelling salts before I pass out, oh and Jeeves pop a pot of Earl Grey on the boil for later, toodlepip old bean.
by Lott July 28, 2006
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