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The condition experienced the day following extreme over-consumption of beer, when symptoms of a concussion are exhibited; e.g., head pain, dizziness, loss of coordination, double vision, vomiting, nausea, memory loss.

Akin to a normal hangover, but specifically due to beer consumption.
"Bro... I downed so many Milwaukee's Beasts last night at the kegger, that I think I have a beercussion!"
by Lord Thrust February 04, 2013
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The sudden and dramatic freezing of the male ejaculate when the ejaculation occurs in or into a profoundly cold environment, such as a polar vortex, a meat locker or a frost giant's vagina.
Last night, out side of the bar in Rochester, I had a massive cryojaculation when Cindy gave me a hummer in the alley. That'll teach her to dish out back alley hummers in January during the Polar Vortex!
by Lord Thrust January 07, 2014
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