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Stands for What the Nig. Used as an insult to dark skinned people and a comment on something that is odd, or strange. Not often used in public, for it screams Racism. A replacement to WTF (What the fuck)
WTN is wrong with j00!
by Lord Permillium III November 12, 2004

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The most powerful spell known to the human mind. Extends beyond of boundries of time and space to utterly obliterate anything that dares threaten the user. Over thousands of years, it has evolved into a slang of sorts, with each word having a seperate meaning, but only when used together. No one is certain how such a powerful spell became but mere slang, but it will never lose its true meaning. Here is the meaning of each word, street style:

Omni - Big Black Women
Passado - Ghost
Dijo - Japanase
Inato - Very Flammable

Combined into one, it represents Black Japanese ghost hunting with flame throwers. Seperate, they mean nothing. If only people would respect it's true, more epic meaning!
Omni Passado Dijo Inato! Get out of my fucking house!!!
by Lord Permillium III November 28, 2004

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Infinite, Limitless, Godly, Unbearably Broken, 00ber
Otsega > all
all < Otsega
You will never match Otsega!
by Lord Permillium III February 21, 2005

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The homosexual result of Kevin and Yu-Gi-Oh. Involves the use of gay acts and explicit behavior with your opponent in order to bring your foe into submission. No human plays this willfully, and the only thing that does is Kevin. The only thing that enjoys playing this is Kevin, and he is indeed undefeated.
Joe: Hey, how are you today sir?
Kevin: KEV-GI-OH!!! *Pulls down pants*
by Lord Permillium III November 15, 2004

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Turtledoving is when, in a fighting game, you alternate blocking and moving to quickly and safely advance towards the enemy. It is very effective as you are like a moving fortress that assaults the enemy with ultimate defense.
My friend is very good at turtledoving into Kano's x-ray in Mortal Kombat
by Lord Permillium III April 26, 2011

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