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1. An extraordinarily expensive way to mix a packet of dehydrated espresso, reconstituted powdered skim milk, and a truckload of high fructose corn syrup--blended with ice. Also known as a Fatpuccino, this drink is the polar opposite of the Atkins dietary recommendation. The Venti size also contains less caffiene than a single "tall" cup of ordinary tea. Good eating!

2. Espresso, corn syrup, sort-of-milk, and le flavour all nicely done up in a little glass bottle for your higher standard's preferential consumption at your local gas station or in your grocer's fridge. The little bottles have a bit more kick than the "official" blended version.
OH my god Sally almost about had a freaking double coronary right there in the Starbucks line because they forgot to remove the super-hyper-caloric poisonous whip cream from her stupid Frappuccino.
by Lord Armand Banana III August 02, 2005
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When you were worth something more to someone once; but you managed to find a way to make them change their mind. Used correctly, possibly one of the most painful words in the world. Suggests giving up, no longer caring. Can be used to infer "we can never go back."
I did love you. But now, I don't know. You never did what you said you were going to do. I waited for you, but.. you know, it's just.. disappointing, I guess. That's all.
by Lord Armand Banana III August 20, 2005
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