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The magic look that a hot MILF can flash at a guy. Instantly causes a testosterone rush followed by straining in yer kecks.
"Eh, Normski! I just got the MILF look off Chaz's mum!"
"Lucky lad!"
by Lord Ass June 20, 2005

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Based on the often offensively used word mong.

1. To be in a state of unfocussed frenzy.

2. To be in a relaxed and docile state.
1. "Whoaa, did you see Nev after 14 bottles of Bud? Biggest, worstest mong out I seen for a while."

2. "Hey guys, let's get a spliff going and mong out in front of the TV."
by Lord Ass June 28, 2005

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Somewhat scary looking wife of British Prime Minster Tony Blair.
"Eh, seen dat Cherie Blair? She'd not look outta place in The Addams Family."
by Lord Ass June 27, 2005

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Adjective. Not little.
"My dick is big."
"Your tits are big."
"Yo ass is big momma."
by Lord Ass June 26, 2005

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The bestest of the best MILFs around. Not just a MILF, but the highest quality MILF.
"Jason my man! Your mum's an Ultra MILF. You must be well proud."
by Lord Ass June 19, 2005

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This is a bloke taking a piss, but sitting down to do it - like a woman.

Normally done when so pissed that you can't stand up straight.
"Eh Bez, yer so fuckin wasted, son, dat you berra take a lazy piss. If ya try an' slash standin up then yez gonna piss aal down yer kecks."

(Typically overheard in any club in the centre of L'pool)
by Lord Ass June 25, 2005

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Bit of a bad boy was our King Herod The Great. He got the nod that baby Jesus was born and then ordered all the baby and toddler boys around Bethlehem to be murdered.

Today, used as a term of abuse by mams against radgy dads who can't control their bairns.
Wifey: "Eh Dave ya bastad, leave the bairns alone - yez acting like fuckin' King Herod!"
by Lord Ass June 21, 2005

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