2 definitions by Lord Addius

A term used to describe a hundred dollars; because the twenty has a picture of Andrew Jackson on the front, five of them would equal a hundred dollars. Thus, The Jackson Five. Similar to calling a hundred dollar bill a Benjamin.
Bouncer: I'm sorry, I can't let you in.
Man: But I have some friends who can vouch for me. The Jackson Five, perhaps you've heard of them? (Hands the man 5 twenties)
by Lord Addius May 5, 2007
An awesome car made by Volkswagen that was the predecessor to the Passat. Made in the 1980's before being discontinued. Very few are left in existence and only a true badass would drive one.
Aaron Mctag is a truely awesome man because he drives a brown quantum.
by Lord Addius May 3, 2007