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Loiper, also known as Loiper Phimosis is an extremely painful infection under the foreskin where the gland of your penis begins to "mold" and begin to produce fungus over time. In time the infected glan will tighten the foreskin immensely, preventing it from being pulled back to reveal the glan. A rare infection that can occur during male youth if lack of disinfecting or washing is provided to the penis. If the infection is not cured by circumcision or sterile injections, it can result in severe pain during urination, inculiding blood flow within the urine. STDs. A horribly disfigured penis. And if all comes to worse, the penis will NEED to be disected and possibaly removed to prevent the infection from spreading to the testicals.
Dude 1: Dude my fucking cock is molding like expired cottage cheese!

Dude 2: Dude are you serious? What's wrong with your Penis?

Dude 1: I just found out I have Loiper Infection.

Dude 2: Okay
by Loiper May 23, 2009
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Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie Topped With A Cherry ingredients concist of:

- 1 fairly large (preferably chunky for flavorable reasons) chunk of shit.
- Three to four and a half tablespoons of freshly squeezed seamen.
- 1 ass hole (the female anus is more conveinent for locational reasons)
- 1 unpopped cherry (if the female has already encountered vaginal intercourse, you should wait for her period or ring out a used tampon)

Now that you have the ingredients to create your own Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie Topped With A Cherry, lets begin with the step by step instructions.

Step 1. Grab a blender or a margarita shaker.
Step 2. Place that blender/shaker to the guy/girl's anus, tap his/her shoulder to sygnal to him/her that he/she is ready to release a fresh chunk into the blender/shaker.
Step 3. Carefuly place a penis into the blender/shaker and begin to ejaculate aproximently 3 - 4 tablespoons of seamen.
Step 4. Conceal the blender/shaker and being to blend/shake the substances.
TIP: Weather you are using a male or female's anus, they can prepare for this Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie Topped With A Cherry by not whiping the anus after unloading their ass holes in the toilet, thus creating a tasty crusty base for the pie.

Step 5. Carefuly pour the mixed bodily fluids gently into the crusted ring of the ass hole.
Step 6. Last but not least top the Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie off with a few drops of a womens cherry juice (If the female is not on her a period, already had her cherry popped, and does not have any extra used tampons around, a little punch in the back of the head can cause the women to drip blood from her ear holes into the Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie to add the final ingredient)

Thank you and I hope you enjoy your Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie Topped With A Cherry =D
Eve: Now that we've had dinner what do you have in mind for desert?

Adam: A Chocolate Smoothie Mudhole Pie Topped With A Cherry sounds delicious right now

Eve: You read my mind!
by Loiper May 25, 2009
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