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"Lori Awesome" has been updated to reflect the evolving, always improving, always progressing definition of what has come to be known as the highest level of awesomeness one can hope to achieve. Lori Awesome is and will forever continue to be the coolest of the cool, the bestest of the best, the most cutest of cute, and the funniest of funny. What HAS changed, and what will forever be fact, is that Lori Awesome is not just unattainable to most. It is also no longer something all people should strive for. The reason for this is because "Lori Awesome" has evolved to the point that it has become such a highly prestigious honor that it is now totally and completely unattainable to everyone not already considered "Lori Awesome". 

No longer will little girls dream of one day being like Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. No longer will boys dream of one day dating Taylor Swift or Megan Fox. A person considered Lori Awesome trumps them all!

A person who is Lori Awesome has...
...creative hands for making charms, crocheting & sewing - Check!
...prolific skills at playing the guitar - Check!
...sweet-sounding singing voice like Snow White - Check!
...dazzling eyes that sparkle and shimmer like Ariel - Double Check!!
...a love for animals that is genuine and true - Check!
...a passionate heart that is full of energy and enthusiasm - Triple Check!!!

Lori Awesome - the perfect collection of attributes, harmoniously unified to produce the greatest level of awesomeness possible.
That concert you gave rocked! You're Lori Awesome 2.0!
Have a Lori Awesome 2.0 Day!!!
by Lmguitar October 13, 2011
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