5 definitions by Lizard

gang who tag PBS all over my fucking neighborhood...PBS="playboys"
fuck PBS!! iz all about GWK mofos! down with the blue!!!
by Lizard July 28, 2004
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HA HA my life is so much better than yours right now, im so glad that you have to live through being you HAHAHAHAHAHA
"I have a science test and math test to study for, plus a 700 word essay on the orgin of the word the"

"HAHA sucks to b u"
by Lizard June 14, 2004
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"HEY GUYS"..a bitch no one wants to talk to!
..and #4 scored the winning point..for the OTHER TEAM, ol' fuck ass finnemore!
by Lizard November 30, 2003
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being more fun that regular fun, the ultimate good time.
Driving really fast through a deep rain puddle is funner than jumping in one.
by Lizard March 26, 2004
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