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The added time at the end of a Master League match in Pro Evolution Soccer, when you are hanging onto a draw or 1-goal lead. Rippage Time is identical to stoppage time, except that cheap AI scripting gives the opposition God Mode, while giving your keeper grade 9 retardation and the mobility of a cactus.

When you concede possession within Rippage Time, instinctively you will push away from your goal and hammer the "shoot/clear" button. This does nothing to stop the AI from winning 5 corners in a row then bundling in the equaliser/winner.

As a parting insult, the AI forces you to kick off again before immediately sounding the final whistle. This always leads to pro evo rage
We will need a two-goal cushion to avoid getting skanked by Rippage Time.
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by LiquidLiam May 03, 2018

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Portable and durable container with handles, which enjoys near-ubiquitous popularity in the county of Yorkshire. An affordable means of transporting documents and valuables, with a typically Northern disregard for formality and style.

A See-Through Plastic Morrisons Bag.
Steven, why are these quarterly reports soaked in mud? This is totally unacceptable!

- Sorry Chancellor, our lass must a' used me Yorkshire Briefcase to carry 'er walking boots
by LiquidLiam February 23, 2012

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