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An outfit or article of clothing that is so Metrosexual that is is deemed a Metrocity. A metrosexual atrocity.
Eleanor: " Did you see Ryan try to pull off that scarf??"

Colin: "Oof, what a metrocity!"
by Linnn Linnn October 28, 2009
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1) A typical ending to a brainless teenage girls' photo album, such as "Summmer 0999" or " City with the bfffs 09". Because of this, it has now become a common phrase used to bash popular culture that constantly refers to the year 2009. It works best as a sassy ending to a statement, and should usually be used in tandem with a peace sign held uncomfortably close to the face.
Colin: "Hey, what are you doin today?"

Eddie:" Endless amounts of college stuff.....OH nine!!

Colin: Margie that food looks sooo good!

Margie: Yayy overweight!

Colin: Oh nine?

MArgie: hahaha yes.
by Linnn Linnn November 29, 2009
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In the movie Avatar, Tsahaylu is the act of making the bond between Na'vi and creatures on Pandora. However between 2 Na'vi it is the act of Making the bond, sex.
Lets make Tsahaylu = Let's have sex.
by Linnn Linnn December 31, 2009
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Public Display of Pudge

When a chubby or pudgy person removes clothing so that their pudginess is visible to those around them. It is an upsetting experience.
Anne: Ew, did you see Chunters' gut?

Cole: Gross! there was a lot of PDP going on.

Anne: SO true, it was disgusting.
by Linnn Linnn November 29, 2009
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