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A Matt comes with incredible eyes and A1 graded kissing lips complete with lip ring. A Matt spends all his time and money in a frenzied state of euphoria on his throne using sticks to perform buzz rolls on round cylinders of various sizes while smashing tin plates at the same time to get his groove on. A Matt will bring you vegetarian food when neccessary or be the designated driver if needed. A Matt is a friend of the highest caliber. You will usually see a Matt with groupies hanging all over him which he considers nazzty. Matts reside in a state of oblivion with no clue about anything that goes on around them except the sight and sound of drum sets and drum music. A Matt has an uncanny abilty to make you laugh hysterically and to talk for hours about his random ahmazing interests and experiences. A Matt is a perfect combo of single stroke rolls, ruffs, and paradiddles. A Matt is a masterful combination of good looks, humor and sexiness all packed into a babyface giant package of superb drum skills.
Drummer 1: WOW now that is one heck of a Matt solo.
Drummer 2: I gotta get my Matt on like that wut wut yea.
by Lilydontknow February 11, 2010
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