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(n) A term used for a vampire who consumes blood, as opposed to an energy vampire or psy vampire

The word is derived from latin, and related to the words carnivore and herbivore. It means literally one who consumes blood, to my knowledge.

Sanguivore is commonly shortened to sang vampire or simply sang vamp

There are many different beliefs on the subject of sang vampires, which can be very confusing and traumatic to a person who finds themselves developing vampyric traits. However a commonly accepted theory among those that believe in vampires is that the traits and actual essence of the vampire is latent, or sleeping, within people who may or may not have traits similar to vampires before the vampire within awakens. This period when the vampiric traits are emerging is called the Awakening of a vampire.

During the Awakening it is possible to exhibit symptoms that may or may not be able to be explained scientifically, though there have not been tests as most vampires are rather unconcerned about verifying their existence with the public, seeing that the common view of vampires is a malevolent creature and it benefits them to remain secret. There are exceptions, however most people that admit publicly to be vampires and doing so as a publicity stunt and are therefore unlikely to actually be vampires.

Because I have no experience with the Awakening of energy vampires, I'll only go into a some detail about the awakening of sang vampires, however keep in mind that I only know for certain my experiences and the Awakening is said to be very different for different people.

Common symptoms are:
* Heightened sensitivity to light, usually associated with pain
* A sensation of hunger that is not quenched by food or drink (the person in question may be aware that this is a thirst for blood or may simply feel a need for a substance that remains unknown
* A lack of energy, drowsiness or other symptoms associated with loss of sleep, even when the subject is getting a normal amount of sleep
* Insomnia

Note: Because the mind is easily influenced by outside sources it is wise to make a list of symptoms that you are exhibiting, and check with a doctor to ensure that it is not simply a health problem

People who simply like to consume blood are not vampires. Vampires require blood to function. The Awakening period is therefore similar to fasting, and is a time of extreme discomfort and pain if the newly awakened do not find a willing donor in time.

A donor is a person who is willing to draw their own blood or allow the vampire to draw blood in order to feed. It is common for the process of drawing blood to be an intimate one, and vampires to have a romantic relationship with donors, however this is not a requirement. Because there are viruses and other unpleasant things that can be transmitted through blood, sanguivores should screen potential donors for these things to stay safe.

A note on finding donors: It is a good idea to make a list of people who you are close to and approach them with the idea of vampirism before asking if they would be a donor, and certainly not a good idea to ask people online to be your donor unless you know and trust them intimately.

The method of transmission of vampirism is unknown, or hotly contended. Personally, I have not been bitten that I know of, nor have I found marks suggesting a bite. I find it plausible that vampirism can be transmitted by the non-vampire consuming the blood of a vampire, however I would inform anyone wanting to be a vampire that it is not pleasant, not 'cool' and certainly not something to be done lightly. If you want publicity just pretend to be a vampire, it's easier. Vampirism is a defect or a deficiency, not a gift.
Sanguivores must find a donor to supply them with blood soon after their Awakening or experience a sensation similar to starvation.

Modern sanguivores are generally not wicked and do not run around biting or cutting people without permission.

There are some websites who attempt to con newly Awakened or awakening sanguivores, so watch out for websites that want you to buy things or otherwise scam you, if you wish to join a community of sanguivores.

It is easier to find a good boyfriend or girlfriend than it is to find a donor, but it is much more important to find a donor for a sanguivore.
by Lily Cerise June 28, 2007

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