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Hayley is a beautiful girl that everyone can't help but love. She's blonde, has blue eyes, and is super loyal! She can keep a secret and never backs down. She's funny, smart, and a freakin ninja. She loves music and animals. If you ever have a chance to be her friend, do it. You'll never have such an amazing person in your life. She'd take a bullet, knife, punch, you name it! for you in a second! Don't ever let her go, as you will forever regret it.

She's into reading and is an amazing writer(:

I have a friend Hayley and I love her to death!<3
Girl1: Isn't Hayley just the best friend EVER?
Girl2: YES! We're hangin out this weekend. SO EXCITED!
Girl1: Uggh, you lucky!
by LightFlysWithTheFlock November 05, 2011

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