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A variation of the popular phrase "standard", meaning "fair" or "average". (Apparently) It is spanish for standard.
Will: Enjoy the party?
Jimmy: Standito
Will: What does that mean?
Jimmy: It's spanish for standard.
Will: Fair one on your behalf!
by Libertin0 January 24, 2011
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The art of creating an orchestral ballad with a timbre of male sex organs, slapping against their owners pelvic/stomach regions until said symphony is achieved. Bass notes created with fully erect penises whilst treble is created with flaccid ones (semis can be used at conductors leisure). Ornaments such as acciacaturas are performed with scrotum. If attempted please be wary of sexual arousal resulting in changes of penis rigidness thus changing the required pitch.
Person 1: "Hey, shall we create a cockhestra?"

Person 2: "Sure, i'm ready for the bass line!"
by libertin0 March 13, 2010
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A gorilla originating from the town of Gotham. Loves trance and dickslapping, as well as abusing unaware gingers who may or may not have a penis disease resulting in a blue growth down south. Never sleeps so as to catch its prey.
Dormitory full of 8 boys
Person 1-"Come on guys lets go to sleep"
Gotham Gorilla - "The Gotham Gorilla never sleeps"

The gorilla then gets up into a perverse posotion, leering over the boys before beginning to dickslap.
by libertin0 March 12, 2010
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An Ipod sent down from the gardens of Mt. Olympus with god like qualities, must be 4gb or more, pimped out to full capacity with the glourious tones and basslines of the musical sensation that is trance (Dubstep and generic pop optional). Features the work of Aartento Divini, Armann van Burren, Dj Tiesto and Dj Swerve.
Person 1: "Can I listen to the sweet trance i can hear emnating from your Ipod?"
Person 2 (shocked): "Ipod?! It's a trancepod!, a thing of dreams!"
by libertin0 March 12, 2010
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When someone forces themselves through each of the five major nightclubs in the city of Cambridge (Revs, Lola, Balare, Fez and The Place) in one night.
Battinie: What a night, I made a profit and completed the Golden Pentagon!
by libertin0 November 27, 2012
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