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Official Meaning: Something Yiddish.
Popular Slang: A girl/boy, a neutral term to refer to someone who has not chosen a gender as of yet.
(People usually use the person's dominant gender when referring to them.)
Oh, Jean? Yeah, she's a goy.
by Liberal Lady Ann October 30, 2015

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump: Mexicans are rapists! And I have the best hair in America.
Court: You have been accused of defamation and bigotry, how do you plead?
Donald Trump: Not guilty! The media misrepresented me!
Court: But here we have the footage showing you very clearly -
Donald Trump: What is "footage"?
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by Liberal Lady Ann November 07, 2016

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The stylish new brand of bestiality taking the world by storm! Yes, some of them are completely disinterested in having sexual relationships with cartoons of anthropomorphic dogs, but in the same way that Mama June doesn't want to screw Honey Boo Boo! Their garb is furry costumes, leashes, and butt plug tails!
Guy 1: Shelia is hot! Think she's single?
Guy 2: No, she's not single because she has an online boyfriend named Shadow Claw who pretends to be a wolf with emo hair.

Guy 1: Why the hell would she like someone like that?
Guy 2: Because they're a members of the Furry Fandom.

Guy 1: Shit, once she grows out of this she's going to be so embarrassed. Anyway, I'd rather not date someone who'd prefer a date with my cat.
Guy 2: Good choice. Give her some time and she'll get through it.
by Liberal Lady Ann May 07, 2017

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A rotund, simple man who likes the small things in life. Like tea, sunny weather, the local, and gay porn. He also has a deep love of mayonnaise, and commonly uses it as a skin cream. Stephen is famous for his mayonnaise odour and ear massages.
Lad 1: Have you been down to the local recently?
Lad 2: No.
Lad 1: Stephen Rochford was just there the other day! His potatoes have become cannibalistic again!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 05, 2016

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Current Chieftain of the Dungeons and Dragons federation's Cuban branch. According to his autobiography he loves Dungeons and Dragons, knitting, and donating his hair to cats with cancer.
Lad 1: Did you hear? Gregory will be playing against Enda Kenny!
Lad 2: Holy sh*t!
Lad 1: I know!
by Liberal Lady Ann November 05, 2016

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