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Means that you are leaving a certain place and you're usually going home and not coming back.

Its the same thing as "Goodbye, Ill see you later".
I gotta get home to my girl. Im ghost.
by Liahos March 16, 2009

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1) An outcast/loner kid who never had any decent friends growin up, yet understands more about life than anyone else.

2) Takes pleasures in the simple joys of everyday life.

3) Has an intimidating personality, but is a overall a good person.

4) Someone who takes the law in his own hands.
1- "Outlaws: Mount up"

2- "Look at that outlaw o'er there smokin reefer by himself"

3- "When I first got to know the outlaw, he was very irrratatin. But once I got to know em, he is pretty decent."

4- "When the government fails to protect society, count on the outlaws. They know what to do."
by Liahos April 22, 2008

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