4 definitions by Lexus14blacklist

A theory that fast moving racecars on an oval causes a vortex of heated air that can temporarily halt rain, or stop rain entirely.
Fan 1: I thought it was supposed to rain?

Fan 2: must be vortex theory.
by Lexus14blacklist June 17, 2016
Someone who has a different orientation or gender identity than typical and has not yet shared with the rest of the world
Jack was in the closet about being bisexual.
by Lexus14blacklist October 11, 2015
Any siblings or half siblings to you or anyone else in a sibling web. May or may not be related to you.
He's not my brother or half brother, but we are in a sibling web.
by Lexus14blacklist July 1, 2015
Code for "I can't hear worth a shit"
You're pretty stupid for thinking it's yanny. It's Laurel numbnuts
by Lexus14blacklist May 17, 2018