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An unatractive or overwieght famale who dresses or acts as though she is the shiznat when in fact she just looks like a fat ho.
Oh my gulosh what a slumpo, that girl in the short shirt with her belly button pierced and her fat gutt hanging over her tight jeans just bent over in front of that gut so he had to see her fat butt crack and thong hanging out?
by Lexis Baker December 31, 2005
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A language created when using Slang and English together in a conversation.
I'm so totally up on some new slanguish because my Urban word of the day hooked me up with Swamp Donkin Heesh, Slumpo & Slumpy and those are so totally words I will be able to use!
by Lexis Baker January 11, 2006
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Everything and anything so horrifically bad that you could imagine possible to say about or to another girl.
Oh my gulosh, that slumpy just put her hand in my face like she's the shiznat or something!
by Lexis Baker December 31, 2005
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