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Satan's creation of a TV Show.
Essex Girl: Hey! Have you seen ''The Only Way is Essex''? It's totallay funnay.

Some other guy not from Essex: Nope.

*Essex Girl shows the guy one of the episodes, he was never heard of again*
by LexiconDoll December 17, 2010
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Duoshitting is taking a dump with another person next to you. It's better than regular shitting, it feels so much better. It's totally something YOU should try out.

You might wonder.. ''I've done duoshitting, is there anything else i can do to make it more FUN?'' Well, i got something for you; it's called TriShitting or even better yet QuadShitting. YOU should definitely try it out.
Sarah; *BRRRRR*
Peter; Whoever invented this duoshit(ting) thing is a FUCKING GENIUS.
by LexiconDoll December 22, 2010
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