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A broad who jumps from one relationship to the next thinking shes dodging the name 'slut'.
She goes out with one dude at a time for short stints, bangs em....breaks up, then moves onto the next relationship that will most likely last less then 10 days. Its basically a loop hole for a whore.

Buddy - "So ahh.. your slammin' Joe now?"
R.Slut - "Well were in a relationship its okay"

- Relationship Slut -
by Lemonski April 09, 2008

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When a bro splashes hot sauce in a broads eye while hes slamming her. A ruthless tactic only used when you know your gf/wifes been cheating on you. If its just for fun...then well... YOUR JUST PLAIN M*F'ING RUTHLESS BRAAA'
Frank pulled the mexican blinker when he deuced some red hot all over that bitchs eyes. She may or may not have deserved it but my god dont you just know it burrrrned.
by Lemonski September 23, 2008

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Just a down right evil but affective way to seek revenge (or good ol' sick fun) on a broad while you're slamming her by dripping.. well okay, POURING hot sauce in her eyes.

possible ingredients : Louisiana Sauce and/or Franks Red Hot.
Note: Use Tabasco if your intention is to cause intense endless squealing
We all laughed our ass's off when Colin splashed a whole red load all over Trish's eyes to complete the Mexican Blinker. The guy's ruthless I tell ya'
by Lemonski August 18, 2008

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