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The maneuver wherein, while preparing to engage in sexual behavior, the male partner of the couple suddenly turns his partner around and proceeds to penetrate him/her anally. Usually used with "the ol'" in front of it, as below.

This is derived from the name of the character in the film "Brokeback Mountain" on whom this maneuver was performed.
"He made her think he was after some oral, but he gave her the ol' jack twist!"

"Ennis wasn't about to blow him, so he gave that cowpoke the ol' jack twist."
by LemonSawdust April 30, 2006

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A dialogue bubble in a comic strip that serves less as a medium for conversation or character development and more for the purposes of explaining to the reader what they are to find amusing. It is similar to the idea of "telegraphing" a joke; however, instead of simply making it obvious that the joke is imminent, a buckleybox analyzes the joke itself in order to inform the reader from where the humor is intended to be derived.

It is often associated with a lack of writing aptitude, in that the writer is unable to artfully craft humor and must, instead, resort to prolonging the punchline to the extent that it is lost in text. In every situation of a buckleybox, it is possible to remove the box entirely while simultaneously improving the quality of the humor.
Three comic panels that set up an obvious sight gag. Buckleybox in the final panel: "Let's see them fuck with me now that I've got a gun with a TRAIN on it!"
by Lemonsawdust August 17, 2008

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