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When you've been bigging up this years Halloween costume to everyone all month and it's now 6pm and you're leaving at 8 and all you've got is a roll of tinfoil and some green face paint.
Joe Bloggs #1: Hey Joe Bloggs #2 nice shrek costume, thought you were going as a robot?
Joe Bloggs #2: Ha Ha yea, turns out 2 hours isn't enough to make a decent costume, so i went with this Crap-tume instead.
by Legit(insert name here) November 1, 2017
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XXXX is like XXX but more extreme.
An example of this could be pornography where one person keeps mumbling on about how the Holocaust didn't happen.
XXXX Pornstar #1: Oh baby fuck me harder.
XXXX Pornstar #2: I'm gonna fuck you like Bush fucked the world trade center.
XXXX Pornstar #3: Release your jet fuel inside me!!!
by Legit(insert name here) November 29, 2017
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