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verb. A Southern California driving move during which you cross two or more lanes in one fluid motion without pausing in any of the lanes to check for oncoming traffic, etc. Can only be preformed on highways/freeways with four or more lanes, or three lane highways from the onramp. Classically done from an entrance ramp all the way into the fast lane at 80+ MPH.

Called "Slide" for short.

Found most commonly in North County.

Sibling of the jersey slide
Dang, there is a huge row of traffic coming after this clear spot, I better socal slide into the fast lane before I get stuck in the slow lane forever.

Ever since I moved from Del Mar, I haven't been able to do any good slides, since all the highways are only three lanes.

Dang, Melissa tried to socal slide into the fast lane yesterday, and didn't see the Beemer coming up from the back and we almost died!
by Ldov September 09, 2007
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Short for Jeans from Hell, any jeans that cause perpetual discomfort while wearing them. Can refer to jeans which are too large, too small, or jeans that are notably out of style.
The only clean pants I had for last night were my JFHs, so you know that date went reaaally well
My JFH give me a jeanus but i've had them so long I can't bring myself to trash them.
I know Lisa thinks those are hot on her, but those are her JFHs, and give her a muffintop.
by Ldov May 29, 2007
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