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A addiction of choice refers to something that is not physically addicting. Normally it is meant as a joke, asking what your favourite drink is.
1) Cigerettes is not a addiction of choice, since your body gets addicted to it.

2) Cola can be somebody's addiction of choice.

3) Dr. Pepper is MY addiction of choice. ;)
by Lazareth Link May 03, 2005

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A electronic way to see if someone or something is on the other end of the line.
1: Carl pinged a server in Utah to see if it responded to packets. The server responded (ponged).

1a: Ping
1b: Pong
1a: Hello, Utah ;)
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005

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Slang for a pumpgun or sniper rifle.
(Sniper rifle): Alpha took careful aim at Beta, making sure to line up his killrod perfectly.

(Pumpgun): Alpha went in guns ablazing, constantly pumping his killrod.
by Lazareth Link February 11, 2005

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A contraction of "cool" and "okie". Here "okie" means "okay". Rarely used but exist on the Internet.

Usually used to express that a given situation is of no concern.
L33tboi: Be right back guys, my bro just walked in with our new Playstation 2. ;)
GeneralKazoo: Cookie, commander. =D
Minibowzor: Woah woah woah, not leaving the game, are we?


A: Sure we won't have to pull out?
B: Nah, it's all cookies.
by Lazareth Link February 10, 2005

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