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A close friend but better. Usually someone you are very close to and can trust with anything. They are there for you when you are down and depressed. They will wipe your tears and cheer you up. If you've had a bad day, they'll call you that day or the next, to make sure your alright. They'll stick up for you, and will always have your back. They'll give you good advice and you can talk about anything. When you get in a fight with them, you can almost always forgive them. If theres a problem and you confront them about it, you may both be pretty upset but in the end it will all work out..and if not.. then they aren't much of a bestfriend.
Most importantly your yourself around them. And they love you and you them.
I was so down today and my bestfriend Dave brought me flowers and a hug and made it all better.
by Lauren Y May 07, 2005

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1. Fake friends - act like they care, they don't.
You might have some stuff in common and talk them, but only because there is no one else to talk to. Once someone better comes along you'll leave your poster friends behind because after all, they weren't your friends to begin with.
2. Like a poster, you'll been seen with them in a picture but their not actually there for you when you need them.
3. Someone your seen with but they don't mean anything to you.
"I only eat lunch with my poster friends because I havn't found where I fit in yet."
by Lauren Y November 12, 2005

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Not nessiarly meaning you are homosexual, more like saying retard,gay,idiot,loser..etc
If someone does something stupid or says something you can call them a 'gaybe'.
"Omggggz I lyke just poked you in the stomach aHahahhaa i'm so good"
by Lauren Y May 27, 2005

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