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a person who is so fat that, even their bones are made of lard. People with this condition usually eat a lot of beans.
That boy over there has lardy bones, i can tell because he is really fat.
by laughing_bun May 25, 2006

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jubean is the theory that everyone has the potential for greatness but do not neccesarily achieve it. Jubean is not only a title but a scale of your greatness. The better you are the more "jubean" you are. People like Oprah are considered the Anti-jubean.
"hey whats up, jubean!"

by laughing_bun May 23, 2006

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The sagging and bulding of the elbow in fat people, Generally large women.
Dang! look at that ladies gelbow(s).
by Laughing_bun August 28, 2005

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when someone rocks out
omg hes having a seizure
by laughing_bun May 25, 2006

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