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A lacrosse term for when the player has a lacrosse stick inserted into his anus with the net side penetrating first. Though similar, this should not be confused with the term "Stick Side", in which the stick is inserted by the side without the net.
Coach: "Okay guys which way do you take it?
Player 1: "I take it stick side"
Coach (somewhat disappointed): "Oh, OK, anybody else?"
Player 2: "I take it Net Side"
Coach: "That's fantastic! You're my new captain!
by Latino Thunder March 21, 2013

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A man in the geography profession that is willing to sell himself for sexual person. This is a broad term and can be used for a person in any aspect of geography. (e.g. Tourism, Meteorology, etc..)
Person 1: You see the news about that weatherman that turned to prostitution?
Person 2: To be honest, I always thought of him as a geogolo anyway.
by Latino Thunder March 27, 2013

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A replacement to the word fine it is widely used by only the coolest of kids.
Hot Damn gurl, you are looking mighty fibe today
by Latino Thunder May 30, 2013

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