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Short for Kaitlyn. The most wonderful person I've encountered. Beautiful, smart, funny, and kind. A living angel.
Kait is the best thing that ever happened to me.
by LateralProff August 07, 2003
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Pizza chain. Started by Henry L. Greaseball. Often known to serve, utterly disgusting food. Home of the Grease-Pizza.
Hey Luigi... My Pizza Hut food tastes like bum, and that guy at the other table is dead.
by LateralProff August 07, 2003
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an online community. kids join this to have kiddie-sex (cyber sex, a pathetic form of masturbation where two people type to each other what they would do to each other if they were mature enough to have real sex, or they're just really sad people/butt-ugly people, who get off to text).
otherwise a place where people can obtain a false popularity by being a sell-out.
I'm just a loser in real life, so I think I'll pick up a copy of PhantasyStarOnline. I can be popular there and everyone will love me.
by LateralProff August 15, 2003
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