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Aloi is one complete word instead of saying; bye annoying bitch.

Better than bye Felicia and Bitch

+You will sound smart
Annoying person who you hate but you are scared to tell them because it will affect your life a lot: Lol my selfie is soooo great omg i can't even! Oh and btw here is your check!

You: Thank you! I have to pee now, Aloi

Annoying person: What does that mean?`

You: Goodbye in Kazakh (even though it doesn't)

Annoying person: Omfg you are like, soooo smart! Goodbye then
by LarryIsReal March 11, 2015

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Mental Health Over Friends

Something to tell yourself, when you know it's for the best that you spend more you time, rather than attending others drama and problems for a short while
Anna just wrote #mhof on her Instagram profile. I'm glad she did, since handling the death of her mom is more important to herself than Jessica's boyfriend struggles.
by LarryIsReal May 30, 2016

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