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the greatest band ever
started by Ben Gibbard (( the lead singer for Death Cab For cutie) A man named Jimmy Tamborello heard the lashing of Los Angeles in a great song of the album "the photo album" and asksed Gibbard to lay down some vocals for his up and coming album. after this was released , the relationship was established
Gibbard started receiving CD-Rs from Tamborello filled with beatsy electronic music, which he manipulated in his computer before writing melodies and lyrics and recording vocals. He also added some guitar, drums and keyboards - much of which was recorded by Death Cab guitarist Chris Walla at his Hall of Justice studio - and then sent the demo back to L.A. Gibbard had to run his changes past Tamborello.

though it's tempting to call it an "'80s-sounding" record because of its keyboard-driven pop sensibilities, there's nothing retro about Give Up

On the other hand, fans of Death Cab will hear faint echoes of Gibbard's main band in The Postal Service, but overall it's a completely different experience.
if you like the postal service try , Death Cab For Cutie, Moto:rosa, augustana, or tegan and sarah
by LadieMav06 March 06, 2006

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when one shaves his hair in the pubic region (perferably the inner butt) and it grows back stubbley. therefore causing much pain and discomfort
wow i sure cant concentrate on my work when im iching my butt due to the stubbley butt-crack syndrome
by LadieMav06 March 06, 2006

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