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Among a group of runners, the person charged with saying, "Morning," to anyone they encounter along the way.
Runner One: "Here comes a pedestrian. Is our morning person ready?"

Runner Two: Nods to the lone pedestrian "Morning."

Runner Three: "Good job!"
by La Guapa April 04, 2010
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Taking the chip you just dipped in salsa and dunking it in the queso or guacamole bowl, to mix the two condiments.
Man: Dips chip in salsa and then in queso. "Mmm-mmm!"

Woman: "Eew! No trouble dipping allowed. That's nasty!"
by La Guapa April 04, 2010
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Catching a waft of someone's burp even though they turned their head to send it downwind.
Even though Mary stepped aside as soon as she heard John burp, she wasn't fast enough and got caught in the reburp.
by La Guapa April 04, 2010
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The laugh from a person who didn't get the joke until everyone else in the room had already finished laughing at it.
Jokester: "He stayed up all night wondering if there was actually a dog!"

Persons 1 - 4: "HA HA HA!"

Person 5: forty-five seconds later "Oh! Instead of a GOD! What a great joke! HA HA HA!"

Jokester: "Nice afterlaugh. Next time, try to keep up."
by La Guapa December 30, 2009
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