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Defined as: Lock that shit up
The 49ers LTSU a win over the giants.

Will LTSU a trip to CTSU.

Dan LTSU labatt blue pounders.

Ryan's dolphins LTSU Andrew Luck.
by LTSU November 10, 2011

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Is defined as Roasted Pork, Ham, Swiss, and Lettuce on a toasted sub.
Stephen ordered a Schweitz from the deli, and it was amazing.
by LTSU November 08, 2011

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Is when someone farts out loud, and it wreaks
Two friends sitting on the counch

Will: Sorry Dizzle

Fan Blows fart gas across room

Drew: That fucking wreaks!
Will: OoooooOooooo thats the worst one yet
Drew: I'm lighting a candle
by LTSU January 24, 2012

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